Custom Made Medals – Turn your Custom Design into a Medal

Custom-made medals are produced using the same manufacturing processes as badges. they can be made as hard enamel, imitation hard enamel, soft enamel epoxy and printed with epoxy. as with badges, we can custom design a medal to any size and shape that is required by our client.

Custom Medals Melbourne

A majority of demand for custom medals in australia tends to be for plain gold-plated medals; silver-plated medals or bronze medals. However, some other plating is also available, such as antique gold and antique silver for medals.

A whole range of material that is used in the manufacturing of badges is also applicable in the production of custom design medals and the most commonly used materials for medallion production are copper, brass, zinc alloy and Iron as well as lead alloy in the past decades. Due to Occupational health and safety, we no longer supply lead alloy medals to new customers.

Two common production processes are die struck also known as stamping and zinc alloy casting.
With die struck medals, one or two dies will depend on our client’s requirement. One die for one-sided medals and two dies for two-sided medals.

A skilled professional uses pantograph machine and hand tools to carve unique logos designs or to design on a block of steel which will then be used as the mould. The mould will undergo tens of tons of pressure for badges production and to hundreds of tons of pressure during medals production depending on the size of the medals. The mould will be required to be hardened.

A mould can be made with a 2-Dimensional or 3-Dimensional images. In the case of 2-Dimensional images, the surface of the medal is flat and the lines or area of the image is raised or sunken metal. Whereas, in 3-Dimensional images, the mould is much more complicated and more time consuming to make. So 2-Dimensional mould is more economical.

Price of medal will depend on the quantity, size, material used, thickness and plating.

Custom Design Medals

Honoring people for their extraordinary feat or exceptional work by rewarding them with medals and badges is an age-old practice that still holds relevance in today’s society. Apart from this fact, medals and badges are extensively used for promotional purposes by various organizations. Whatever be the underlying intent, it is undeniable that Just Badges’ custom-made medals in Melbourne are the ideal first choice. We are the leading designer and supplier of customized medals in Melbourne and provides services Australia-wide.

Custom Made Medallions – Produce to your Design

We undertake the same manufacturing processes as in the case of badges to produce the finest custom-made medallions. In particular, we employ either die struck or zinc casting alloy production process, whichever serves the purpose better. We give you a myriad of choices to consider, like materials – hard enamel, imitation hard enamel, soft enamel epoxy and printed with epoxy and special features – gold-plated medals, silver-plated medals and bronze medals. We are capable of manufacturing custom-made medallions and badges tailored to suit all your demands.

Custom Made Medals – Special Features available contact us today

General standard size custom-made medals are usually produced with metal stamping processes and finished in gold, nickel and bronze (antique copper) without any color.

However we can accommodate a diverse range of designs and special features as well as some very intricate designs. To discuss your need please contact us at sales@justbadges.com.au

Quality & Price

Our commitment to quality is unwavering to the point of making us very particular about it. You can be rest assured that we will provide you with high-quality medals every time. And as far as price is concerned, we quote it on the basis of quantity, size, thickness, plating, design and material used along with other features basing on the nature of the design.

For any query, enquiry or demand for quote, write us at sales@justbadges.com.au.