Custom Made Die Struck Medals

Are you after an economical, strong and unique way to recognise your employee’s achievements? Do you have a sporting team that needs high quality custom made medals to recognise high quality players? Our Custom Made Die Struck Medals have a wide variety of uses – from employee recognition, to service awards, to achievements and more.

Choosing your medal materials

Our two-dimensional custom made medals use only the highest of quality materials. They can be made from Iron, Copper, Brass or Zinc Alloy. Generally, Copper is the most expensive, followed by Brass, Iron and Zinc Alloy.

If you’re after a light custom medallion, Zinc Alloy and Iron are the lightest. Because Copper and Brass are the heaviest materials, we recommend using them for a really momentous award.

Are you after an elaborate and intricate three-dimensional design? Copper is the most malleable. If you’re after a more prestigious award medal, a large die struck medal made out of Copper would be ideal.

Whether you choose a one-sided medal or a double-sided medal, you can be sure that Just Badges medals will fit your gift-giving needs.

How do we make your custom medal?

After the custom design is crafted onto the Die and Hardened.  The Die is now ready for stamping. A flat narrow strip of Copper, Brass or Iron is then fed through a pressing machine. The die will then leave an impression of the custom design image on the flat narrow strip of Copper, Brass or Iron after each thump. The strip with the impression is then fed through the pressing machine again, but this time a tool with your medal’s custom shape and size will punch out the customized medal – and hey presto! Your design has come to life!

Ready to get started?

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