Custom Made Medals

Whether you have a sports team, a school, or a business that rewards its employees, you deserve the best of the best. Which is why you can be sure our custom made medals are of premium quality, and made just for you by our team of promotional merchandise specialists.

We commonly make custom made medals for:
• Schools and students
• Local sports team
• Businesses looking for a one-of-a-kind way to reward their employees
• Government departments
• Security service agents
• Police and rescue departments
• Private investigators
• Road and traffic authorities

As with our badges, we can customise your medals to any shape or size that you need.

How are medals made?

When we work with our clients, we offer Gold plated Medals, Silver Plated Medals, Bronze Plated Medals, Antique Gold Medals and Antique Silver Medals.
Because we believe in producing only the finest of quality products, we also use a whole range of other materials in the manufacturing process, including Copper, Brass, Zinc alloy and Iron as well as Lead Alloy in the past decades.
Due to Occupational health and safety, we no longer supply Lead alloy medals to new customers.

Just like with our custom made badges, you can choose from six different types of enamel for your custom medallions:
• Hard Enamel or Vitreous enamel
• Imitation Hard Enamel
• Imitation Hard Enamel with Silkscreen or Pad Printing
• Soft enamel with Clear Epoxy
• Photo Etched or Chemical Etched Soft Enamel with Clear Epoxy
• Offset Printing with Clear Coating

Once we’ve helped you decide on the materials you’re after, we then work with you to determine how your medal design should be executed. We do this using two common ways: Die Struck (also known as Stamping) and Zinc Alloy Casting.

Please note that prices of medals depend on the quantity, size, material used, thickness and plating.
Email us for a free quote sales@justbadges.com.au