Personalised Keyrings Melbourne

Personalised Keyrings – A unique and creative marketing product!

Want to keep your name on top of people’s minds? Are you after a one-of-a-kind gift? A promotional key ring or personalised key ring makes a strong statement. Whether you’re a business, school or club looking to get your name out there, why not create your own design key rings that ensure people will see your brand name every day?

Branded keyrings make excellent promotional products for your business, school or organisation. Our custom made keyrings are a favourite amongst our corporate customers, and can be made using your unique logo or design to ensure that your name makes a strong and lasting impression.
We commonly make promotional keyrings for:
• Real estate agents
• Rental car businesses
• Car dealerships
• Mechanical repair shops
• Car Club
• Clubs’ membership

Personalised Keyrings

Are you after a unique gift for a staff member? Stamped keyrings make excellent custom corporate gifts for employees or clients because they’re so versatile. We can make your custom made keyrings in a number of different sizes, shapes and designs – it’s up to you how it looks!

How is my custom made keyring made?

We use the same process to create corporate and personalised keyrings as we do for our custom made badges and pins . Just like with our badges, pins, cufflinks and medals, we use a whole range of materials in the manufacturing process, including Copper, Brass, Zinc alloy and Iron.  You also have the choice of choosing from six different types of enamel for your custom made key ring:

• Hard Enamel or Vitreous enamel
• Imitation Hard Enamel
• Imitation Hard Enamel with Silkscreen or Pad Printing
• Soft enamel with Clear Epoxy
• Photo Etched or Chemical Etched Soft Enamel with Clear Epoxy
• Offset Printing with Clear Coating

Because the manufacturing process the same as our custom made badges, all we need to do is attach a split ring onto a reasonable size badge or medal with a loop and hole.  Easy!

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