Custom School Name Badges Melbourne, Australia

We have supplied many types of school badges to schools Australia-wide. There is a custom design made-to-order badge, e.g. the school anniversary badges. We work with school staff from an initial idea then turn the idea into artwork and use the artwork to make their custom design badges. Custom school badges can also be used as Keyrings by attaching a split ring to the badge. They are a popular gift for the alumni of the school. Amongst other popular custom school badges are the following school Badges with logo incorporated into the one badge. SRC Badges, Year-6 Badges, Year-12 Badges, Senior School Badges, Arts, Academic excellent badges and Sport badges such as Rowing, Football, Soccer, Swimming and Tennis, etcetera, especially for the large private schools. These are just to name a few. There are many more personalised badges for schools that we have made and supplied.

School Name Badges

We also supply generic school title badges. To reduce the cost of each title badge, we make a large quantity of each title and we stock them for future use. By producing large quantities of school badges, we can manufacture economically and reduce the cost of each badge for us as well as for the schools. Some of the titles are School Captain, House Captain, Class Captain and Sports Captain, etcetera. Contact us at sales@justbadges.com.au for a brochure which contains the list of Titles available. All the Titles that are available come in 2 Shapes i.e. an oblong bar shape and a star shape. We use only high-quality materials and fasteners in the production of our Generic School Title Badges. As we design them ourselves and make them exclusive for your use.

Custom School Badges

The quality of our fasteners is what sets us apart. We have tested our earlier design fasteners with primary and secondary schools’ children and had to revise the design a couple of times to attain perfection. The current design has withstood the toughest of punishment and come out on top. We can confidently say that it is the world’s best custom badge and no other suppliers in the world have them.

Personalised Badges for Schools

Apart from the custom made-to-Order metal school badges, we also make and supply PVC-type school name badges to schools. Generally, we would have the School Logo incorporated on the badge with staff name and title, if required.

The School Logo staff badges can have a few additional options, like the staff can choose a plastic brooch pin fastener or a magnetic fastener. There is also choice of clear resin dome coating; it is like a hard glass dome lens covers the top surface of the name badges.

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