Printed Epoxy Badges


Looking for an affordable way to promote your business? Our custom made Printed Epoxy badges will be the most affordable in all of the metal badges!

Our Printed Epoxy Badges and Pins are a great for businesses, corporations, charities, sports teams and schools alike! Our Printed Epoxy Badges are the most economical way to make a custom made badge or pin.

How will my customised Printed Epoxy badge or pin be made?

As the name suggests, we make your unique design by using copper, brass, stainless steel or aluminium with a standard thickness of approximately 0.8mm to manufacture our badges. To keep your costs low, we recommend using aluminium.

To produce your unique design or logo, we print them directly on the chosen metal material – no syringe colour filling required! This method works in the same manner as offset printing on paper using the CMYK colour scheme. After printing, we then cure the ink to make a lasting impression using heat. Afterwards, we cut them to the desired shape then apply a plating of your choice – either Gold, Nickel or Copper.

Finally, we’ll then apply an epoxy coat to protect the enamel ink and provide an elegant shinny look.
Want to create a unique form of advertising for your business? Our customised name badges and pins will help you make a name for yourself!
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