Photo Etched Enamel Epoxy Badges

Want an affordable way to promote your business, school or sports team? Our Photo Etched custom made badges will get your name out there!

Our Photo Etched Enamel Epoxy Badges and Pins are a great for businesses, corporations, charities, sports teams and schools alike! Also known as chemical etching, photo etching is a great and economical way to make a badge with an intricate design.
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How will my custom made Photo Etched Enamel Epoxy badge or pin be made?

Our Photo Etching process is less labour intensive than some of our other materials, making it an affordable option that produces a superior product!
Once you’ve supplied your artwork, we’ll transfer it in black and white to a photographic negative film. The negative is then superimposed onto a thin sheet of brass, stainless steel or aluminium of approximately 0.8mm thick coated with light sensitive chemical, just like they used to produce photos! Light is then shone through the negative film onto the chemical coated metal sheet, exposing and imprinting your image. After exposure, the metal sheet is washed with an acid solution to any area of the brass sheet that was not exposed to light. This will leave a thin recessed area. Once we complete this step, we then cut your badge or pin into a custom shape and plate it in your choice of Gold, Nickel, Silver or Copper.  Your badge is all shiny and ready to have colour applied!
We do this using a syringe, then we cure the ink with heat to create a lasting impression.
To make sure your Soft Enamel customised badge or pin doesn’t get scratched, we’ll also apply a clear top resin coat to protect it – also giving it a beautifully shiny finish.

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