Nurse Name Badges Melbourne

We have supplied many types of Nurse Badges to Hospitals Australia-wide. The most preferred badges would be our affordable button badges. These are often used for the short term; they may be used to raise awareness which could run for a few weeks or months or they can be used to promote an event or to stimulate the public’s curiosity.

Types of Nurse Name Badges

Other types of badges are Nurse Name badges for the employees of the hospital.

The name badges are usually worn on their clothes or uniform around the chest for ease of identification.

The hospitals that have their employee’s photo I.D card hang from a lanyard, often choose our Name badges without the hospital Logo. In general when a hospital issues I.D card to their employees, they would also print their logo on the I.D Card. The nurse name badges without logo is generally more cost effective.

Some smaller private or regional hospitals that does not use I.D Card, generally want their Logo on their nurse’s name badges. As this can be serve as security identification.

Unique Nurse Name Badges for IDs

However sometimes both the I.D card with Logo and Name badges with Logo are used by nurses. The reason why both I.D card and nurse name badges are used are because some I.D cards have microchip embedded in the card to open door to restricted areas. The card size is usually fairly large and worn around the waist or on a lanyard from the neck, so the individual’s name is harder to be seen, whereas a nurse name badge is smaller in size and is attached to a fastener that can be attached anywhere around their clothes. The purpose of a nurse name badge is to show the nurse’s name, so the most obvious place to be worn is on the upper front of one’s torsal.

A majority of Nurse Badges that we supply are made from metal. Customised design with years of service are special Nurse Badges to reward their loyalty and amazing services. These are usually made with the Hospital’s Logo on the badge and with the different Number on the badge to represent the years that the nurse have been working at the hospital.

There are various price points for the different metal material, fasteners used and different manufacturing processes to produce the Years of Service nurse name badges.

Depending on the Design or the Hospital Logo, the simpler design and less intricate Logo is, the lesser it would be in price. Large quantities also reduce the total cost per badge.

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However even with small quantity, we can still accommodate and keep the cost low, however we may not have to employ a lesser complicated manufacturing techniques in the badges production.
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